Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sake It To Me!!!

This past Thursday, Chris and I went to a sake tasting, THE JOY OF SAKE, the largest sake tasting event outside of Japan with over 250 different sakes to taste. Because "good food and fine sake are made to be enjoyed together," the sake tasting also included a food tasting provided by 16 San Francisco restaurants (like Betelnut, Hog Island Oyster, Hana, Memphis Minnie's, Kiku of Toyko, Kirala, Ozumo, Roy's, Sakae Sushi Bar & Grill, Sanraku, Sushi Ran) . That said, the Irish-Italian spent most of his time drinking while the Filipino spent most of her time gorging on food. How stereotypical!

Overall, we had a fine night out. The tasting was a bit overwhelming (who are we kidding? It was a whole lot overwhelming!): 250 was just too many sakes for us sake-newbies. We went to a sake tasting in Manhattan (at my favorite Japanese restaurant SAKAGURA) earlier this year that offered 60 different types and more guidance from the people who worked there, and we enjoyed that experience more, as we learned about each of the sakes we tasted. Nevertheless, thursday night proved to be a fun night for was an odd mix of aging hippies and beautiful Amerasian women in really fun, colorful outfits.

Have we told you we liked San Francisco much?

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