Sunday, October 12, 2008

A day in the life of a school girl

A number of you have been wondering how I've settled into my new life as a student, so I thought I'd post a blog about the new changes...

So far, everything is going well! I'm surprised by how easily I've slipped back into the academic lifestyle. My classes (one on Chaucer's Troilus & Criseyde and one on Intro to Critical Studies) are interesting and challenging, and the Chaucer class I'm holding discussion classes on is fun and exciting. I was intimidated with teaching Chaucerian language at first, but I have such a great support system at Davis that it hasn't been bad at all. I just pretend that I'm a Chaucer expert and the students think I know what I'm talking about :).

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Davis. The people there are very helpful, and the vibe is easy-going and friendly. All the people in my class are smart & sassy, and the faculty are kind and full of advice. The campus is lovely, and I'm particularly fond of the gym & pool that is open to all the students for free!

Apart from commuting on the BART/Amtrak from San Francisco to Davis, that seems to take about 2.5 hours one way with all the wait time and delays. But luckily, there's a woman in my program who lives 2 blocks away from me that has graciously offered to let me ride with her 2 days of the week. So I only have to take the public transport commute up and down once a week, which isn't so bad.

All in all, I'm really happy to be at Davis, and I'm super excited to be back at school. It's where I belong :).