Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pia visits Camp Bauer...Again


1pm – Pia arrived at SFO carrying 4 pounds of fresh ground Orens Special Blend, New York's finest coffee.
2pm – Treated Pia and Mary to a luncheon of homemade Chinese dumplings & spicy vegetable soup. Chris and Pearl labored for 8 hours to prepare the dumplings from scratch but by all accounts, the time was well spent.
5-7pm – Wandered around town amongst thousands of other people all trying to hail a cab to Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park.
7-8pm – Finally made it to the festival just as Beck took the stage.
8-10pm – Watched* Radiohead on stage.
*We did not actually watch Radiohead do anything. As there were 50,000 people at the festival, we were about two football fields away from the stage but the light show was great and the sound from the stage was even better.
10pm – Learning from our mistake earlier in the day, we wised up, avoided the throngs hailing cabs and found a bus that took us close enough to home that we could walk.


10am – Woke up early and ate Congee for breakfast, which Pearl picked up in Chinatown after her acupuncture appointment.
11-3pm – Sunned on the deck, grateful that for the first time in two months the fog is finally starting to dissipate and the real San Francisco summer is about to begin. Chris spent the downtime planting a tree (and checking this off his Life-To-Do-List).
3-6pm – Our friend Matt was is town with his band, My Friend Autumn. They played a set at Thee Parkside and invited Pearl on stage with her tambourine (which she then checked off her Life-To-Do-List). Our table was perhaps a bit under-tattoo'd and wanting for a little leather, but the bartender was cool, the drinks were cheap, and the music was fantastic.
6-8pm – Broke our vegan diet for the day by dining at Suppenkuche, San Francisco's best German restaurant. Suckling pigs for everyone!
8-12am – Returned home and played Celebrity in front of the fire. There was also a Bee Gees sing-a-long and Pia treated us to a performance of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror.


12-3pm – Shopped for sunglasses and zippers. The zippers are for the upcoming Camp Bauer sewing tea party (date TBD).
3-5pm – Watched Tropic Thunder.
5-9pm – Prepared, rolled and ate Sushi. With the right ingredients and tools (rolling mat, sushi knife), it's actually pretty easy.
9-11pm – Relaxed in front of the fire, listening to music.


12pm – Pia departed for New York carry 4 pounds of Nairns Oatcakes.
12:01pm – Chris and Pearl already miss Pia and can't wait to see her in 3 weeks.