Saturday, September 02, 2006

Farmer's Market every Saturday morning

One of the greatest perks about living right by The Embarcadero is the fact that we are walking distance from one of the coolest farmer's market in the nation, the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. A California certified farmer's market operated by the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA), the market is open four days a week, offering produce and flowers from small regional farmers and ranchers, most of whom are certified organic.

Today (Saturday) was our first chance to check it out, and boy did we love it! The fresh aroma of lavander filled the air, along with the wonderful smells of basil, berries, and lovely flowers. It felt so alive and so very green!

This morning, we bought ingredients for fresh gazpacho, salsa, and an organic breakfast of eggs (the tastiest eggs I've ever tried from a farm that lets their cocks (hormones raging and all, organic hormones that is!) chase after the hens, making for bigger appetites which lead to more food intake, thus leading to tastier yolks!*) and habanero & green chile smoked chicken & turkey sausage (yummy!).

We plan on going every Saturday, so for our lovely visitors, make sure your visit includes a Saturday (to experience the market & better yet, the meal prepared by yours truly from the fresh meats & produce)!

* Another great thing about farmer's markets is that you get to talk directly to the farmers and learn about the food you are about to eat!

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chaozoff said...

I can't wait to eat some hormone-pumped farm eggs. yum!