Saturday, July 29, 2006

We love San Francisco, Part 2

(you should probably expect posts entitled "We love San Francisco, Part 3...Part 4...Part 5...")

More cool things about the best city we've lived in (we've only been here for 2 weeks but so far, we are really LOVING it...can you tell?)

1. You can see fantastic views of fireworks from our apartment. Since we live right across the Giants ballpark, whenever they win, we can watch the celebration of fireworks from our living room. The Giants don't necessarily win all that many games ;p but we actually have a fantastic view of the fireworks from Oakland's stadium too. We caught a gorgeous display on Thursday eve from our bedroom -- check out our spryder website for photos (see the previous post for a link).

2. We walked on The Embarcadero today (Saturday) -- absolutely lovely views of the Bay bridge. Plus, we found places where one could rent bikes (they even have two-seaters for when Ryder comes to visit), rent kayaks (I'll be racing Pia or Steve when they visit), and sail boats (perhaps Christopher can learn how to sail). The Embarcadero is a great place to go for runs, as well as enjoy city-walking without having to trudge into the Tenderloin area. Though, the Tenderloin is growing on me...

3. The Alcatraz-challenge. I have this crazy notion that I will be swimming from Alcatraz to the Presidio one of these days. How awesome would it be to say "I survived Alcatraz" (and the sharks, and the currents, and the fog).

4. When we watch MONK, we now know the areas that they are talking about. On last week's episode, they were in the Tenderloin (again, the Tenderloin!), and Christopher and I looked at each other and said, "hey we saw a baby crocodile there the other day."

5. And of course, nothing beats the weather here. Every day it's blue skies, warm weather, cool breeze and plenty of sunshine. How can anybody ever be in a bad mood with such beautiful weather.

Sigh, we just adore San Francisco!


Sarah and Mark said...

Man, you guys should be part of their tourism campaign.
To get pictures on your blog, there's a little icon on the tool bar when you're writing it. It's next to the icons to change your font and stuff like that. It looks like a little blue and green landscape... "Add Image." From there you can upload them from your computer (I don't know how to take them directly from the internet) and determine the layout.
Hope this helps...
The fireworks sound awesome -- you know how much I love fireworks!

chaozoff said...

San Francisco this! San Franciso that! he he j/k. I can't wait to visit in October AND December!!!