Monday, July 17, 2006

Today is "Spare the Air Day;" man, I love Cali!

Today, as Christopher and I commuted to work (by the by, it took us a whole 2 minutes to get to our seats on the train from our apartment door), we discovered that today is "Spare the Air Day." Translation: Caltrain and Sam Trans offers free rides all day, with all fares reimbursed through a grant, to help protect the air.

How awesome is that? Only in California, people.

(the story continues)

We get off the train upon arriving at Menlo Park, and Chris immediately asks me, "can you smell that?" I was about to hold my breath (I thought we were back in the July heat of Manhattan for a brief moment, expecting the smell of sewage) when I remembered I was in California. I took a deep breath -- the smell of fresh flowers warmly greeted my lungs.

Sigh -- it truly is nice to be in Northern California.

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