Monday, January 02, 2012

The end of 2011; the beginning of 2012

The end of each year often brings about a flurry of activity as we endeavor to visit family and friends, participate in holiday activities, check off the remaining items on our annual To Do lists, and generally tie up loose ends. In the two months since our last entry we visited family on the East Coast 3 times, saw a beautiful ballet choreographed by Alonzo King (Alonza King Lines Ballet), made our annual trip down to the Shoreline Amphitheatre for the Bridge School Benefit Concert (this year's line-up included Neil Young, Arcade Fire, Eddie Vedder, Beck, Mumford & Sons and Norah Jones), did a number of hikes along the East Bay Trails (including the Claremont Canyon Hike and the Coyote Hills Trails, both of which we plan to do again soon), attended the opera (San Francisco Opera's performance of Carmen), and most recently hosted a New Year's gathering that concluded with a morning hike in Marin to welcome the year in nature.

As we did last year, we wanted to share a few of our goals for 2012 with you and invite you all along to participate...

Visit two new states
Attend two new festivals
Visit the Petaluma Seed Bank
Visit Orr & Wilbur Hot Springs
Hike Macchu Picchu
Camp in the Pacific Northwest
Take a preserves class
Experiment with making flavored salts
Experiment more with fermentation
Make five recipes from “Make the Bread”
Ride a tandem bike
Run Bay-to-Breakers or a 5K Fun Run
Complete 20 miles of EBParks hiking
Learn two songs on guitar

Happy new year to all of you. As the year changes, so does the season. It's been a little milder and a little wetter of late which means it's time to head out to tend the garden...

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