Saturday, March 12, 2011

Early Spring, 2011

It’s been a quiet four months since our last post but we wanted to keep you updated on our latest…

We celebrated the completion of Pearl's Fall Semester by hosting our annual gingerbread house party. We baked the bread, prepped the icing, and gathered a bunch of friends over to regress momentarily to childhood by creating houses that would make Hansel and Gretel drool. Some pics:

Soon after, we flew to the East Coast area to spend Christmas with our families. Pablo, Karen and their kids flew in to spend Christmas in America. The last time Pearl's whole family was together was seven years ago, so we had a wonderful time reconnecting.

We also got to spend time with Chris' family, and it was fun getting up in the wee hours to open up presents with Diana. We got to participate in the family's tradition of ordering Chinese Food on Christmas Day, and it was a fun day of celebration with the whole family.

We returned to California after Christmas and spent New Year's Eve at Jesse and Jasmine’s, ringing in the new year with our friends.

In January, we returned our focus to our front yard, planting all sorts so wildflower seeds (poppies, sunflowers, daisies, etc) and three cala lilies. We are excited to see our front yard in full bloom this spring. Stay tuned for more pics.

In February, we welcomed Leah into our home, and it’s been so wonderful creating a new home with her. And, last week, we celebrated Sascha’s growing acupuncture practice by checking out Cancun, a taqueria that grows their own organic veggies. And with regard to our own organic veggies, we have been eating our peas (sugar and snap) and spinach for the first time. The peas taste sweet like corn, and the spinach is so rich, vibrant and crunchy. Y’all have to come and taste for yourself the difference between store-bought and home-grown.

That brings us up to today with lots of fun stuff ahead of us: Pearl defends her dissertation in April (okay, maybe not so fun, but definitely necessary); we’re planning to go on a firewalk for Chris’ birthday; Candice and Pia are coming into town to celebrate Pearl’s birthday weekend with a viewing of Glee on stage.

We'll write again when we have more to share! With Love, Chris and Pearl

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