Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September Adventures

School’s back in session so we don’t know how often we’ll get to go on adventures and report back on them, but we did have a few weeks of fun before the seriousness begins…

During Labor Day weekend we flew to Denver, Colorado for Kendall’s & Jamie’s wedding. We squeezed in day-trips to Nebraska and Wyoming, a baseball game at Coors Field, as well as a beautiful hike in the foothills of the Red Rockies at Roxborough State Park. We would have included a photograph of the truly amazing vistas we saw along the way but CWB is still learning how to load a film camera so you'll have to wait for these until our next trip to the Rockies.

Two weeks ago, we camped by a lake on our very own island near Davis, CA. There’s nothing like sleeping outdoors, though we did catch some rainfall early in the morning.

Last weekend, we drove 3-hours east to Moaning Cavern Park to rappel down 165-feet into the cave, where we crawled and climbed through passageways to explore unlit and undeveloped areas of the cave. The link below shows a TV adventure show host on the adventure tour. (Note: we didn't do the zipline so you can skip to 1:45.) It was
pretty scary (but fun) dangling 160 feet above the cavern floor.


And now we are looking forward to October, which is the height of the music and festival season in the Bay Area. If time permits, we’ll definitely blog about our experiences!

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