Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

That’s a MAN baby, yeah!:

AsiaSF – where the trannies look even hotter than the women. Actually, it was quite difficult telling those helped by modern science versus those born into womanhood!

No Kool-Aid for me, thanks, I’ll stick with the water:

We went to one of the best vegan restaurants we’ve ever eaten at in Oakland and found out, mid-meal, that a cult owns and manages Golden Lotus under the guidance of a woman who calls herself the Supreme Master Ching Hai. No wonder all the servers had blank stares and funny smiles on their faces. Ah, but they do know how to cook great food! You can read more about the Supreme Master here:

A Tale of Two Concerts…from Beck to Emmylou:

You know you’re 30 when you’re the oldest ones at a concert one week (too old to even see the person you’ve paid to see -- it’s more than a little embarrassing to admit that we left the concert after four hours, but still an additional five hours before the headliner, Beck, came to the stage) and the youngest ones at a concert the week after (we were the only under 35s at the Emmylou Harris venue).

Sometimes, Californians are just TOO laid back:

Our company has a great connection with a car rental agency that drops-off and picks-up rental cars for employees. We rented a car for 6 days, but the agent left the car with us (unlimited mileage and all) for 2.5 weeks (“uhm yeah, do you mind if we pick up the car next week?”). Total bill for renting a car for 18 days? $150.

Audium, an experiment in boredom:

Audium is billed as an experiment in three-dimensional sound (“sound-sculptured space”) held in complete darkness. In actuality, we sat for 70 minutes in the dark and listened to an old man on an outdated organ stroll through his library of sound effects. While the intention of Audium is to display how adding dimension to music can enhance the experience of listening, what it actually showed is that you can get a better experience sitting at home listening to music on a surround-sound system; so save yourself the cost of a ticket.

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